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Technical Training Programs
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Technical Training Programs

We are undertaking the following technical training programs to our staff to secure good service for our customer.

Program 1

Principles of bearings, Basic bearing types and their uses, Basic bearing technology, Reading and understanding manufacturers handbooks, Functions of bearings, Mounting and dismounting of bearings, Limits and fits for rolling bearings, Care and maintenance, Lubrication of rolling bearings.

Program 2

"How to be a chain expert", Adapted transmission chain, Conveyor chain, Chain technology, Chain maintenance, Maintenance of lifting chain, Couplings,V and Wedge belts, Electric motors, Gears and gearboxes.

Program 3

Bearing failures and their causes, Tapered roller bearings (Basic product knowledge), Tapered roller bearings (Bearing maintenance), Super precision bearings, Care and maintenance of machine tool bearings, Paper Mill bearings, Quarry bearings, Recirculating ballscrews, Linear bearing awareness.